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An Indian Refurbished eCommerce store decreased their attacks as well as load times with FluxCDN.

E-Commerce has been a daily requirement in our lives these days.

With the current eCommerce boom, where India's E-commerce revenue is expected to jump from US$ 39 billion on 2017 to US$ 120 billion in 2020, it is growing at an annual rate of 51 per cent, the highest in the world.

OldLappy followed the trend and increased their Refurbished market sale-purchase equipment business into the web of eCommerce. Inititally with aggregators like eBay, soon upgraded to their self-managed website.

With the PAN India reach, and thousands of request per minute on the website, its hard to differentiate between legitimate traffic and botnets, which can slow other users experience. There are often times on a busy day, when the site gets attacked and either the web server crashes or the site loads very slow, hindering the company's sales.

Murli Aggarwal, the founder and proprietor of OldLappy, approached FluxCDN with his requirements and use case.

When Mr. Aggarwal first joined FluxCDN, he wanted a platform built on best practices. He considered several popular solutions, including the FluxCDN cloud-based web security platform, and benchmarked them all. He explained:

Live Traffic & Mitigation Graph

"While third party analytics are a way of seeing the live users report, FluxCDN gives a nice graph to see how many actual requests are coming to the user and how many are getting blocked.

We also like the custom animation banner we can set while the system decides whether the user is legitimate or a bot.

Most attacks we saw were quite advanced. Some can mimic human visitors very well. As a result, many web security solutions have difficulty distinguishing them from actual human users."

They found it appealing that FluxCDN could the bots seemlessly. “FluxCDN has very good algorithms to identify bots with real visitors.”

Traffic Transparency, Access Logs and Attack Notifications

Very few web security solutions provide complete transparency into the traffic they process for the client. Some only describe the requests that were blocked / challenged. Others provide even less information than that. This in turn makes it very difficult to completely understand what is going on within a site in real time.

Mr. Aggarwal liked how FluxCDN displays complete access log report, of both legitimate requests and blocked requests on demand, including the headers like path, HTTP version, Browser, etc.

Our customer now realises how often his website gets attacked, by receveing instant notifications via SMS, where it contains the attack type and the amount of requests per second that FluxCDN blocked at its peak.

Increased Performance with Singapore Edge

Since most of their traffic is originated within the APAC region, a network edge in that region was essential.

That is why, FluxCDN recently opened a Singapore edge to ensure same latencies connectivity to clients as well as their users in the APAC region.

“Also, this has allowed us to deploy our cloud web security very close to our data center.” As a result, FluxCDN can provide robust protection with near-zero latency.

Convenience & Automation

Many DDos Protection solutions require ongoing administration and maintenance by the users. This is not the case with FluxCDN, which is managed automatically by FluxCDN's automated deployments after the initial configuration is done by the client.

Mr. Aggarwal commented, “I like that this is a well managed and easy to configure service. I didn't had to assign someone from the team specifically for this task, it was like just Plug n' Play!"

“There are many other solutions in the market. But they’re either difficult to understand or not that robust. I like the simplicity here, so I don't have to worry about configurations, the site is seemlessly managed by FluxCDN Team."

Cost Factor

Mr. Aggarwal has found that FluxCDN works very well for their brand. And there’s minimal effort required from his website staff. He also appreciates the level of support he receives. As he said:

"FluxCDN platform handles everything for us. When a DDoS attack comes, there’s automatic routing done on their end and it doesn't eat any traffic on our machines at all. Also, I don’t have to appoint an on-site person to manage the firewalls and look out for the newest bypasses. That’s very important to deal with the latest attacks.”

"Despite the web attacks that target OldLappy and its servers, the website is able to operate securely, ensuring its availibility to our customers, which is very hard to beat with the resources and custom tailored support they have given me in this price range! :)"


Protecting a high traffic website against bots and only allow legitimate traffic.

Defeating frequent Layer 3,4 & 7 attacks.

Maintaining availablility for users.

Allowing access to the API for sub vendors and logistics related operations.

OldLappy adopted FluxCDN's service for their website's protection against frequent DDoS attacks that were a threat to them, as well as to reduce the initial loading time with the help of network edge while maintaining the uptime. is still servicing its users and is a target of frequent attacks, but the hostile traffic is now filtered through the FluxCDN's sensor before it reaches OldLappy's servers.

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