We've released Live Analytics in our dashboard and re-designed our website!
Protected CDN Network
Our CDN network offers your website protection on all layers while benifiting from speed.
Heuristics analysis
Our protection detects and blocks only malicious requests by testing it's behaviour and attack patterns.
Attack notifications
You will receive notifications via SMS, Discord or Email in case of an attack towards your website.

DDos Mitigation

Everything you need to be protected and deliver your website at light speed.
Traffic flow inspection

FluxCDN is always observing your traffic flow so it can act as fast as possible when an attack rises on our network.
Behaviour Analysis

Our mitigation will block all malicious traffic by analysing the incoming traffic behaviour.
Layer 3, 4 & 7 Attacks

FluxCDN protection and mitigation service detects and blocks all application and network attacks in record time.
Sensor Mode

Our sensor mode will start mitigating the attacks based on its type, only during an attack.
Bypass's Blocked

FluxCDN protection will detect any bypass and deploy strict rules without affecting your normal traffic.
1 Second Mitigation

Our mitigation time is one of the fastest on the market, ensuring that your website won't suffer any downtime.

Block any attack type

FluxCDN will block any malicious attack towards your website
We're all around the globe
We have servers all across the globe meaning wherever you or your customers are, speed won’t be affected.
And easier to use than ever
Our dashboard makes it easy to secure your website from any potential threats.
Secure your website
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