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Emergency DDoS Protection

FluxCDN mitigates attacks against your website and API in 1 second - or less

Layer 3, 4 & 7 Attacks

FluxCDN protection and mitigation service detects and blocks all application and network attacks in record time.

Bypasses Blocked

FluxCDN protection will detect any bypass and deploy strict rules without affecting your normal traffic.

1 Second Mitigation

Our mitigation time is one of the fastest on the market, ensuring that your website won't suffer any downtime.

Protect your website in under a minute

Developed to withstand against the most strongest and advanced attacks

FluxCDN will protect your website automatically with minimal configuration, while benefiting from speed by using our global DDoS Protected CDN. All of this, without charging hundreds to our customers.

Customers who are under attack are constantly monitored by our 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) team with the help of several automated systems that detects if any attack is bypassing our mitigation.

Our DDoS Protection will kick in in less than a second and fully stop any attack, not letting any change for a cybercriminal to stop your website revenue. As soon you move to FluxCDN, you are automatically protected by our global protected network.

Under DDoS Attack? Get Help!

We mitigate DDoS attacks in 1 second - or less.